Meet the voices behind Eastern Charms

John, Emlyn and their daughter Koren have been delighting people through their music for as long as anyone can remember.

Together, they are the family singing group, Eastern Charms, who are renowned throughout Sydney as experienced and professional singers for Weddings, Funerals and parties.

Whether you’re looking for solemn Church hymn singers to perform a traditional repertoire or a more contemporary singing group to get people dancing, The Eastern Charms music group add the perfect musical touch to every occasion.

Eastern Charms is the perfect choice to hire to perform live

Capable of setting the mood without drawing focus, the Eastern Charms group consider it to be an incredible honour to perform at your important events.

As a highly experienced singing group for hire, we understand the attention to detail that is required for these occasions. This is why we carefully consider everything that you and your family need from your wedding singers and ceremony musicians. Our extensive musical knowledge and respectful performance skills will mean you can be completely at ease.