Music in a Christian Wedding Service:

A Catholic Wedding Ceremony derives much of its beauty from the music performed for each part of the service. It is valued because it helps the congregation pray together. As St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” We have a comprehensive list of hymns & songs that you could need to make your wedding memorable. All we ask, as a matter of courtesy, is that after we have chosen music together, you discuss your choices with your celebrant.

The amount of music sung at your wedding depends on the style of ceremony you are having. Should you choose to have a Short Service without the Sacrament of the Eucharist, you would generally only need songs. You do not need any hymns other than perhaps a Responsorial Psalm (this is optional between the first & second readings, it generally breaks up the monotony of the readings). If you are having a full service with the Sacrament of the Eucharist, you must choose hymns that will suit the right time of the mass as well as songs.

Music is a servant in worship. It is never to be done for its own sake within a celebration of Christian worship. The music chosen for your wedding should be chosen to suit the different parts of the whole celebration. The text of sung pieces should always respect the particular emphasis of the action & gesture being celebrated.

Below is a list of hymns to choose from, you must choose 3 mandatory hymns from this list for your wedding:

1 for Offertory,

1 for Communion &

1 for Thanksgiving.

Please Note: We can also sing the Responsorial Psalm if you wish, this would mean that you wouldn’t need a reading in its place. This is optional, however, & is probably best if you check with your celebrant.

When you’ve completed choosing your music, remember to fill in the booking form with all the details for your wedding.

Hymns specifically for Responsorial Psalm:

Amazing Grace
A Trusting Psalm
Crimond (The Lords My Shepherd)
Eagles Wings
I Will Never Forget You My People
Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
On Eagle’s Wings
Turn Turn Turn
The Power of Your Love

Hymns specifically for Offertory:

All That I Am
Blessing Song
Gifts Of Bread
Give Bread & Wine
Hear O Lord
Here Is My Heart
In Bread We Bring
Into Your Hands
Of My Hands
One Bread One Body
Take Our Bread
Take This Bread

Specialist Wedding Hymns:

Canticle Of The Bride
Forever Young
I Will Be Here
Joy Is Like The Rain
May Yahweh Bless You
My God Loves Me
My Treasure
Song Of Ruth
The Ones I Love
Take My Hand
This Is The Day
Wedding Prayer
You & Me & Jesus

General Hymns for Communion, Thanksgiving & other parts of the Wedding:

A New Commandment
All That I Do
A Sign Of His Love
Bind Us Together
Be Still & Know
Be Exalted
Be In My Heart
Born Anew
Come As You Are
Day By Day
Dream Lady
Emmaus Song
Fill My House
Father I Adore You
God Is Dwelling
Gentle Woman
Hosea’s Song
How Great Thou Art
Here I Am Lord
I Wish You Jesus
I Believe
In Memory Of You

Jesus I Adore You
Jesus living Bread
Let Us Pray
Long have I Loved You
Lord Make Me A Means Of Your Peace
Morning Has Broken
Only A Shadow
O Perfect Love
Our Supper Invitation
Peace Prayer
Prodigal Son
Praise You Father
Praise You Lord
Quiet & Still
Seek Ye First
Sing Alleluia
Strong & Constant
Summoned By Love
Song Of Joy
Trinity Song
The Visit
The Voice That Breathed
Where Is Your Song
Will You Love Me?
You’ll Never Walk Alone